“I know Erin to be a deeply committed, insightful and dedicated therapist. Her many years of experience coupled with her deep love of healing and commitment to continuing education makes her a most valuable massage therapist.”

Elizabeth O.

“Erin is one of the most competent and gifted massage therapists I have had the pleasure of working with. My husband hired her 6 years ago for White Dahlia and she has been highly requested and recommended by all of our guests. She also is warm and personable which makes her clients feel welcome and comfortable. I would highly recommend Erin to any company or friend who is looking to hire her.”

Meg H.

“I have worked with and received massages from Erin. She is a very talented therapist! Her years of experience along with her keen interest in the healing arts and great personality makes her very popular with clients. She loves what she does and it shows.”

Laura K.

“While I have not personally received a massage from Erin, I have many patients that have. The feedback I’ve heard was that she an outstanding and dedicated practitioner who listens to her patients’ health complaints and works on them diligently and effectively. I can highly recommend her! I have many patients who recommended Erin’s work. They were impressed with her attention to detail, addressing their complaints, and making their lives more comfortable. Her massages work! Based on so many patients’ positive feedback about Erin’s work I can highly recommend her.”

Dagmar E.

“When I think of truly awesome people who inspire and fill the room with joy and enthusiasm, Erin Sonnier is on the TOP of my list!”

Greg W.

“Erin is a completely professional, highly skilled, lovely authentic individual. She works very intuitively to bring peace inside and out!”

Tina V.

“Erin is a fantastic body worker who touches the heart of her clients. She has a breadth of experience and worth. She works therapeutically with a wide range of injuries and expectations. She communicates well with clients and movement therapists to lasting results.”

Chelsea J.

“Erin Sonnier is an excellent massage therapist. She is very knowledgeable of physiology and always does whatever is needed to provide solutions to any issues I have with my back and neck. Erin continues to educate herself about the latest techniques of massage and bodywork therapy. No matter how many issues I have (which sometimes are many) Erin happily addresses them all with professionalism and a caring spirit.”

Diane B.

“I have had several massages by Erin in the past and I have always been completely satisfied. She is extremely knowledgeable about massage therapy and she is also very personable and compassionate. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who is looking for relief from physical pain and/or stress in the form of massage. She is also knowledgeable about other alternative modalities and forms of stress relief.”

Jennifer L.

“Erin is a highly skilled massage therapist. She helped me keep my body in good working order for 3 years until she moved to the other side of the country. Erin gave me the perfect mix of deep tissue and relaxation massage my body needed. I have a neck injury and back problems that require the attention of someone highly skilled and in tune with the needs of the body.”

Clare M.