Erin Sonnier, BCTMB, CIMT, CPMT


Erin Sonnier, Founder of Epocha Wellness

15E6FBC8-5B9E-4ED9-98FB-2B8F0F66D54EErin has practiced massage & bodywork therapy since 2000 and she believes in the healing affects of touch. Erin is Australian American and she is a board certified massage & bodywork therapist.Print

Application of various therapeutic massage modalities, awareness of postural alignment within the body, coupled by daily self-care have been very transforming both for her clients and within her own life.

Erin has a broad knowledge of the application and treatment of massage and bodywork therapies as well as somatics education and movement therapy. Erin has helped facilitate healing with clients of all ages and conditions over the past eighteen years. Her passion is to facilitate therapeutic massage therapy for a better quality of life and to promote education, healing and peace out into the world- Specifically for those with no voice.




Erin is a Certified Infant Massage Teacher and A Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. She has also trained in touch therapy for childhood cancer. She is passionate about educating and serving children & their caregivers as well as fellow Professional Massage Therapists. Erin is hospital based certified with Liddle Kidz Foundation.  Erin also became certified to practice pregnancy massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia. In addition to her current specialised training with  liddlekidz logo, andpregnancy massage australia logo, Erin has also completed a somatics teacher certification program in June 2011 which was led by one of Erin’s most trusted mentors, Carey Smith, MSC.

Erin has practiced various relaxation & spiritual development techniques for over twenty years, She has integrated this knowledge with her current practice of massage therapy and in teaching small workshops for caregivers. The results of the sessions, both individual and group, have been healing for many clients. The ability to create a massage environment that reflects peace, healing, trust and safety has always been a goal and special gift for Erin. It is her goal and honor to be able to continue teaching and facilitating clients and students through this work with dedication to education and a focused emphasis on creating a harmonious body that a balanced in mind and spirit alike.

Balancing a busy life with Self-care & Wellness along with understanding the vast and specific needs of clients are among the many strong points of Erin’s treatments and educational offerings.  She has a keen interest in massage and bodywork therapies, aromatherapy, holistic practices, sound healing, integrative medicine and trauma resolution and informed practice. Erin Volunteers with local Animal shelters & She’s a passionate environmental activist. Erin also enjoys participating in current community environmental projects as well as researching about global conservation and land management initiatives.